We believe that all students should have access to extra-curricular opportunities such as community projects, sports and performing arts events.

These are the activities that develop skills and will make the girls well rounded, successful citizens in the coming years who are able to lead their communities into the future.

We work with professional companies to provide students with the opportunity to gain experience of life beyond school.  One of the companies we work closely with is Impact Dance.  Students have the opportunity to attend weekly sessions at the school and if selected they are invited to work with the dance group in central London.

In addition, students take part in an Astro Pi coding competition where students have to learn a coding language to then be able to produce their own code.  The code is used to display a message to ESA astronauts on the International space station.  All successful codes created by the students are used by the astronauts and we have been successful in having several of our students' codes being used.

We also think it is important that students have high aspirations and as a result we provide opportunties to visit Russel Group Universities.  Our most recent visit was to Warwickshire University where students visited the Ancient Classics department.  This aided students with their English studies at the time.  This also provided students with he opportunity to see what university life is like.  We are looking forward to providing more visits such as this in the coming academic years.  

Our students have formed a Poly Parlaiment where they discuss elements about the school they would like to imporove or change for the better.  As a growing school this has been pivotal in ensuring students have a voice and the school is the best environment it can be for our learners.  Those involved in Poly Parlaiment regularly take part in talks and visits with local MPs.  

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Woolwich Polytechnic School is operated by POLYMAT which is a charitable company limited by guarantee and registered in England and Wales. Reg no. 9078530