It is difficult to comprehend the world we live in today without knowledge of our past. The History curriculum at Woolwich Poly School for Girls challenges students to be critical of the world around them. Our students develop their critical thinking and analytical skills through the study of a range of topics that have been chosen to broaden and deepen their historical knowledge.


Year 7 History

Term 1:Historical Skills: How do historians unlock the past?



Anglo- Saxons


Term 2:Depth Study: Why does 1066 matter?



Term 3 & 4:Thematic Study: How has the relationship between the church and monarch changed through time?

The Power of the Church in society


The Black Death

The Peasants’ Revolt



Term 5 & 6:Thematic Study: How has Britain responded to migration since 1250?

History Curriculum Map

History curriculum Map.png

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