Careers Education, Information, Advice and Guidance

Careers Education, Information, Advice and Guidance

Ms Barrett is our Careers and Leadership Co-ordinator.  Careers education is taken seriously. It begins from the moment our students walk through our doors in Year 7 and will continue all the way through to Year 11. Not only is careers taught during Personal Development, but we also have a whole host of opportunities to learn from employers and employees from a variety of industries and professions. In addition, we ensure all students have individual guidance tailored to their specific needs and receive information in a variety of ways, such as work-related learning workshops, theatre performances, external business speakers, one to one interviews, transition support – all of which will inspire and inform students along their chosen career pathway.

In addition to the above, each subject area will have other opportunities for students to experience the link between learning in the classroom and earning in the workplace.


InvestIN Partnership. 

We are delighted to announce that we are now a partner school with InvestIN.  This is an organisation which offers careers experiences for students aged 12-18.  The programmes available are a combination of company visits, seminars, career coaching and interactive simulations.  These are offered in a range of careers, such as: Architecture, Art, Computer Science, Dentistry, Engineering, Entrepreneurship, Fashion Design, Filmmaking, International Development, Investment Banking, Journalism, Law, Management Consultancy, Marketing, Medicine, Music, Politics, Psychology, Publishing & Veterinary Science. 

We will keep you updated with the experiences on offer via Weduc. There is a charge for these experiences, however, when completing the application, please include the school discount code which entitles you to 10% off any programme.  Additionally, a bursary may be available to some applicants. 

Careers as Personal Development

The 3 main focuses are;

  • Self Development

  • Career Exploration

  • Career Management

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