Cashless Payments

The school uses an online payment system called Wisepay to purchase school lunches, pay for educational visits, replacement contact diaries and any other item you may need to purchase from the school.  When your daughter starts at the school, you will be issued with unique and secure log in details in order to access the system.  This means that students should not need to carry cash in school.  There is no method by which students can buy food or drink with cash in school, however they can top up their card using the cash-loader machine if they are not able to top up at home via Wisepay.

Food and Drink

The school canteen is run by a company called Wilson Jones.  They provide food and drink before school, at break time and at lunch time.  This includes a wide variety of items including hot main meals, hot snacks (such as paninis and wraps), cold sandwiches, dessert items, fruit and a range of cold drinks.  All items are priced individually as well as there being meal deal combination options; for example the main meal combo costs £2.60 and includes the hot main meal and a dessert or bottle of water.  There is a menu displayed in the dining hall each week.  Families that are eligible for free school meals will have to request that the allowance moves over to their chosen secondary school via their home local authority.  This will then allow the student to buy lunch in school each day but does not apply to breakfast or snacks at other times. 

Students can bring in their own packed lunch and/or snacks.  We do however ask that you consider the contents of this to be balanced and healthy.  We do not allow students to bring sweets or chocolate bars to school and students are banned from bringing in multipacks of items such as biscuits, sweets, chocolate, crisps, cakes etc.  Other items that are banned are fizzy/energy drinks (including Lucozade). These items will be confiscated if brought into school.  The reason for this is to avoid poor behaviour that sometimes follows high sugar intake.

We also ask that students bring in a refillable water bottle (not a glass one) that they can refill from the fountains to avoid dehydration.

No students are permitted to leave the school site during break or lunch times.

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