The students say ...

“Drama is a subject like no other as it prepares you for every aspect of life.  Almost all the skills you learn are transferrable and top universities really recognise its value.” Year 13 student

“It’s nice to have a subject that rewards creativity on my timetable. I genuinely look forward to every lesson!”        Year 12 student

Careers linked to Drama

  • Actor
  • Director
  • Politician
  • Barrister/Solicitor
  • Public Relations Manager

Degree Courses linked to Drama

  • Theatre Studies
  • Acting
  • Law
  • Journalism
  • Politics

'Using Creativity to nurture, challenge, analyse and succeed'

The GCSE Drama specification is designed to give you a broad and balanced experience of Drama. The KS3 curriculum has been adapted from the GCSE specification, to give students a range of performing and evaluative skills that can be enhanced at KS4.

At KS4, you will be given the opportunity to develop not only your performance skills but also your design skills in areas such as: Lighting design, Sound design, Set design & Costume, Hair and Make-Up Design.

 You will collaborate in devising your own piece of theatre and perform in a performance from a text. You can choose to concentrate on acting or design. You will explore a range of texts and view a variety of live theatre productions.

The Eduqas GCSE Drama specification has three components: Devising Theatre, Performing from a Text, and Interpreting Theatre.


KS3 Curriculum Map.JPG

Drama GCSE

Essential information

  • Eduqas Exam board
  • GCSE qualification
  • Graded 1-9

Your final grade will be based on:

  • 1 devised performance exam with one piece of coursework – 40% of GCSE
  • 1 Scripted performance exam – 20% of GCSE
  • 40% written exam in Summer Term
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