Equipment and Stationery

Students will be provided with all exercise books and any text books or subject specific equipment they might need.  If students lose their exercise books, or any other school property, they will be expected to pay for a replacement.  This also stands if a student causes any damage to school property or equipment.  All students are expected to take pride in their school environment and look after school property.

Student are required to bring the following equipment to school every day:   Pencil case containing a minimum of 2 pens (blue/black), 2 pencils, ruler, rubber, sharpener and a purple coloured pen. If your daughter loses any of this equipment or it runs out, parents will need to replace it.  However we do have a stationery shop in school that is usually cheaper than shops.

You must purchase a scientific calculator for your daughter,

Please note: Felt-tip pens, permanent markers (e.g. ‘Sharpies’) and any correction fluid such as Tippex are NOT ALLOWED and will be confiscated.

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