Home Learning Guidance

Dear parents/guardians,

We hope you are keeping safe and well in these challenging times. We are writing to explain our approach and the importance of home learning for our pupils. At Woolwich Polytechnic School for Girls, we are committed to ensuring that every student makes excellent progress, develops outstanding character and is successful in life, education and employment. Whilst our school building is closed, our commitment to achieving this mission is as strong as ever.

It is crucial that students continue to study at home in a structured and rigorous way so that they do not fall behind in their learning and are ready to hit the ground running when they return to school. If schools do not open until September, our pupils will have missed a total of 6 months of schooling. According to statistics produced by the Department for Education, missing 17 days a year could equate to a GCSE grade drop in achievement. Therefore, we have decided to refine our approach to Home Learning to make it simpler for students and parents/carers to understand the school’s expectations and easier for students to access work. All work provided is compulsory.

We would like to thank you for your hard work so far in encouraging students to engage with schoolwork at home. It is imperative pupils continue to be encouraged and supported to engage in this home learning to avoid creating any gaps in their academic achievements.

Students have already been provided with the following:

Subject specific booklets pupils have been provided with a booklet for each subject which they should use with guidance from the pre-recorded videos (available on Ms Teams) their teachers have prepared. Electronic versions of all resources can be found on our school website in the Home Learning section.

• Timetables - Pupils are expected to follow the timetable as best they can, but since the videos are pre-recorded they can watch them at a time that suits the family (this means where devices are being shared children can take turns – please email teachers so they know when to expected completed work). Teachers set tasks in the videos and ask pupils to pause the video and complete in the exercise book we have provided. Any problems or questions should be communicated with teachers via email.

What are the expectations for students?


• From Monday 29th June 2020, attend daily morning meeting with Form Tutor on Ms Teams at 8:45am

• Follow the remote learning timetable

• Students should refer to the Subject Specific Booklets to see what tasks they should be completing for each subject, each week. Subject videos will be available on MS Teams when they are scheduled on the timetable.


• You have only learnt something, if you can remember it. Students will be guided on what they will be quizzed on within the video lessons weekly. Students will then complete their quizzes on MS Teams.

• Core subjects quiz weekly, non-core subjects quiz fortnightly.


• It is essential for students to submit their work on Ms Teams in the assignment section each week so that their teacher can see how much they have engaged with the activities and how much they have learnt. Students are expected to show their full working out and must ensure that uploaded pictures are of good quality (not blurred etc)

Students will have 24 hours after the timetabled lesson to submit their work on MS Teams. This will give teachers time to review their work and offer feedback. If students are unable to upload work or have a problem, they must email their teacher or put a message on their subject team.

Please visit the Home Learning page on our school website for step by step videos on how to access school email, MS Teams, how to hand in assignments and how to attach pictures of students' work:


Form tutors and teachers will all be checking on the level of student engagement with the Home Learning work. Students should expect to be challenged if they are not completing any work at home. We will be holding competitions for those pupils who have shown the most resilience, effort and excellence during this time. Please also keep an eye on our ‘Wall of Fame’ on the school’s website, where all pupils who have completed 100% of their work will be praised.

PE practical tasks

As part of your daughters weekly learning in PE, they are set practical tasks to complete at the end of every PE lesson they have. Please encourage and help your daughter to upload a short clip or photo of them completing their practical task each week. The PE department are holding a competition this term for the student who makes the most effort with their practical performance and submits their evidence of work on MS Teams. The student who has made the most effort and submitted all PE work via MS Teams will win a prize at the end of the academic year!

Teachers will continue to communicate with students weekly to remind them of the work to be completed. We will also be uploading the booklets and supporting resources onto the school website for you to access. However, if you or your child needs any additional support interpreting the work or have any questions, please do not hesitate to let your child’s form tutor know in your weekly phone calls or email the teacher directly.

We would like to re-iterate our appreciation for your hard work in supporting your child’s learning at home so far. Please continue to hold them to account for completing their work at home and do let the school know if we can be of any assistance in supporting you to do so.

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