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Pre Reading Booklets 

Your pre-reading booklet has been designed to encourage you to read and research the topics you will be studying in each subject next term.

Adhere to the reading rules and enjoy!


WPSFG Reading Rules

First reading is understanding


• Highlight any words you do not understand and try to use strategies to work out what they    mean

• Track with a ruler

• Summarise key points Second reading is zooming in

• Identifying any interesting features

• How does the extract make you feel?

• How might this extract be interpreted by others?


Once you have finished your pre-reading, look for other examples of research and reading you could do


Students must return with pre-reading booklets tasks completed.


Guides for parents/carers and students on how to access our virtual learning platforms:




Dear parents and carers,

At the moment lots of us are spending more time online,  including our young people.  Whilst we completely understand this,  we would like to make sure that we are supporting you in trying to keep them as safe as possible.  Thinkuknow is the education programme from NCA-CEOP, a UK organisation which protects children both online and offline.  They have created the attached help sheet for parents,  they have also created activities for children and parents to do to raise awareness and think carefully about online activity.  The link to these activities is here:


I hope that this helps you to support your child to be safe online.  If you need any further support,  please get in touch.  

Kind regards,



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