At WPSFG our curriculum vision is “for all pupils to excel, both academically and personally. The curriculum enables our pupils to know more, understand more and do more.” 

We believe that homework plays a vital role in the learning journey of pupils and puts them on a path to excel.

Our aim is for homework tasks to consolidate and build upon lessons taught, with knowledge and skills at the forefront.

We do this by embedding revision skills from KS3 to help build independent learning for KS4 and beyond.

What will homework entail?

  • In Year 7, self-quizzing, and practice homework (alternate weeks) 
  • In Year 8, revision homework and practice homework (alternate weeks)
  • In Year 9, revision homework and practice homework (alternate weeks)
  • In Year 10 and Year 11, weekly revision, and practice homework.

Revision homework will be creating and using a revision resource, such as self-quizzing, revision mind maps or flash cards for example.

Practice homework may take different forms. For example, exam style questions, short multiple practice questions, sketch practice, reading comprehension tasks and online tasks. 

At KS3 the core subjects of English, Maths and Science have homework on a weekly basis. All other subjects have homework bi-weekly.

At KS4 homework is given weekly as directed by the individual class teacher.


Hegarty Maths online homework:

Students will also be set weekly practice homework on https://hegartymaths.com/ website. Their maths teacher will give students their login details.
Deadline: every Tuesday by 8:40am.

Hegarty Maths student/parent starter guide (click here)

Do great homework with this student checklist (click here)

Parents and carers checklist - sets out some ideas for supporting your child's learning (click here)


Reading homework:

Students are expected to spend daily 30 minutes reading good quality texts, articles and books. Their English teacher/ form tutor will be able to help students with choosing the right texts.
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