The intention across both KS3 and KS4 is to provide a broad and balanced curriculum, which will prepare the girls for success in their future lives a curriculum that will suit all students, whatever their ability.

The biggest flexibility within our curriculum plan is in terms of the KS4 courses on offer.  Over the next 8 years, the subjects offered within the boys’ school would naturally evolve and, therefore, we have planned the same opportunity into the girls’ school curriculum model.

We will support our most able students with a Grammar School Intake (GSI), a curriculum tailored to meet the needs of the more able students based on a grammar school approach, by extending top-end achievement.

We have also planned significant support for our students, alongside the significant challenge of our curriculum.  That support will primarily come from the EAL and SEN departments and mirror the current support we provide in the boys’ schools.  Where appropriate, we will adapt the curriculum in order to give our girls the best possible start to their lives.

Consistency of Teaching and Learning

In order to ensure that teaching and learning is outstanding in the girls’ school, we would work closely across both Poly schools, completing a single programme throughout each academic year, which spans both schools and includes:

  • learning walks;
  • formal observations;
  • peer observations;
  • joint CPD and planning;
  • student voice;
  • team teaching;
  • learning and teaching meetings.
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