(Offer at KS4 only)

Our belief is that each of our girls should leave school with a creative spark, the ability to contribute to their community, belief that they can achieve any artistic endeavour with hard work. They will have the knowledge and passion which inspires them to discuss images using visual language, visit galleries and continue their interest in photography through their lives. Most importantly, our girls will develop the ability to express themselves creatively, imaginatively, and confidently.

At Woolwich Poly Girls, the students have access to a rich curriculum of Photography. The main principal of GCSE Photography is for pupils to investigate and explore a range of materials and techniques, through contemporary, as well as traditional art and photography. Pupils will learn the basic skills of using a professional DSLR Camera, studio lighting, backdrops, long exposure and also how to get the best from editing apps on iPhones and android devices. We offer exciting and diverse projects that are both challenging and interesting to pupils as they are encouraged to be independent and individual. At the start of Year 10 we will be running a foundation course in order to teach students the basics of Photography and editing and allow them to experiment. Pupils will explore a wide range of 2D and 3D media including drawing with different materials; printing; photography and digital graphic skills. In Year 10 and 11 we run two main projects, for example; Identity, collections, and/or transformation, with an additional exam project in Year 11. We offer lots of support to our students which helps us to achieve outstanding results each year. We encourage creativity, independent thought and a chance for pupils to express

Photography GCSE

Essential information

  • Eduqas
  • GCSE
  • Graded 1-9

Your final grade will be based on:

  • 60% portfolio: Starting in Year 10, including a body of practical work and final piece
  • 40% externally set assignment: Beginning in January Year 11, including a body of work and a final piece created under exam conditions (10 hours)

Careers & Photography

  • Fashion Photographer
  • Sports Photographer
  • Digital Animator
  • Advertising and marketing
  • Media
  • Film-making
  • Commercial Photographer
  • Medical Photographer
  • Forensic photographer

Degree Courses linked to Photography

  • Photography
  • Media Studies / Digital media
  • Film & television studies
  • Animation
  • Creative & editorial
  • Graphics with photography
  • Forensic photography (crime)
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