School Life

The School Day

The school day is from 8.45am to 3:15pm however, some students come in to school for master classes or AM clubs at    7.30am.

All students must be ready for line up by 8.30am

There are six 50 minute teaching sessions with a morning break of 20 minutes  and a 40 minute lunch break except on  Fridays where we incorporate Personal Development in AM Registration and therefore the timings of the day are slightly different.

The timings of school day Monday to Thursday
Period From To
AM reg 08.45am 9.05am
P1 09.05am 9.55am
P2 09.55am 10.45am
Break 10.45am 11.05am
P3 11.05am 11.55am
P4 11.55am 12.45pm
Lunch 12.45pm 1.25pm
P5 1.25pm 2.15pm
P6 2.15pm 3.05pm
PM reg 3.05pm 3.15pm

 PM reg on Wednesday will be 2.15-2.25pm as students do not have a Period 6, it is used for staff CPD.

 All students finish at 2.25pm on Wednesdays. 

The timings for Friday
Period From To
AM reg 08.45am 09.30am
P1 09.30am 10.15am
P2 10.15am 11.00am
Break 11.00am 11.20am
P3 11.20am 12.05pm
P4 12.05pm 12.50pm
Lunch 12.50pm 13.35pm
P5 13.35pm 14.20pm
P5 14.20pm 15.05pm
PM reg 15.05pm 15.15pm

Enrichment classes will run after school in a range of activities from 3.05pm to 5.00pm

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