School Uniform

Students are expected to wear FULL school uniform at all times with no exceptions, this includes on their journey to and from school. If your daughter does not have correct uniform on, she may be sent home. If there is a legitimate reason that she does not have her full uniform, please contact the school via phone or provide her with a note to explain why she does not have it and when she will be provided with the item(s). A decision will then be made on whether she can stay in school that day. She will need to be prepared to borrow items from us for a day if they are available.

Hoodies, sports tops/jumpers, trainers and hats are not permitted at any time and will be confiscated.

Please ensure that ALL items are labelled with your daughter’s name.

Compulsory items:

  • *School Blazer
  • *School tie
  • White shirt/blouse (can be long or short sleeved)
  • Black skirts that should be pleated and touch the top of the knee at a minimum. (*Longer straight skirts for cultural or religious reasons are allowed.)


PE Kit:

  • Plain black/white/dark green t-shirt
  • Plain black football style shorts or plain black tracksuit bottoms
  • Black/dark green sports socks
  • Trainers

Optional items

  • *School branded V-neck jumper (to be work under a blazer, not as an alternative)
  • *School branded PE kit (including t-shirt, jumper, shorts and socks)
  • Black/dark green hijab

Items with an *asterisk, can only be purchased from the school uniform website – - you have been given information regarding uniform and how to order via email.

All hairbands and accessories (headbands, clips etc.) should be plain black or dark green. We do not allow students to wear false nails or nail varnish. We strongly discourage students from wearing make-up and therefore it should be subtle/unnoticeable if it is worn.

No jewellery is allowed in school at all except a wristwatch (not a smart watch). This includes all forms of earrings. This is for health and safety reasons and also to prevent loss and potential upset. If a student arrives at school wearing them, they will be told to remove them or be sent home.

(Please do not allow your daughter to have a new piercing during the school year as there is not sufficient time for it to heal and we will ask you to remove it; any new piercings should be done at the start of the Summer holiday to allow this healing time).

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