Tribute to Grace Odutola

It is with very deep sadness that we announce that Grace Odutola, Principal Designate of Woolwich Polytechnic School for Girls, has passed away.

Grace joined Woolwich Polytechnic School for Boys in 2008 as Deputy Head Teacher and during her time here made a huge impact on both students and staff. She was appointed as Principal Designate for the girls’ school in September 2016 and although Grace was absent from work for most of last year, she still worked tirelessly to shape the future of that school with her ambitious and empowering vision. It is due to Grace’s legacy that this school will open with great success in September 2019 and a place that she will always be remembered.

Grace was much loved by all of us and her passing is a great loss to the school and the local community. Our thoughts are with her family at this very sad time.

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