The geography curriculum at Woolwich Polytechnic School for Girls is designed to encourage students to think like geographers. To achieve this, we encourage students to ask questions about the world and engage critically with contemporary debates. The Year 7 geography curriculum is designed to introduce students to current geographical issues and expand students’ knowledge of the world around them far beyond the immediate environment. We will learn about how humans interact with their environment and how the environment impacts on the lives of humans, about physical processes and how planet earth is shaped. In each unit students’ geographic skills are developed to a high standard by using a variety of ways of learning, including drawing maps and diagrams, analysing graphs, interpreting images and photographs, role playing and investigative work. Students have two lessons of geography per week. 

Year 7 Geography

Unit 1: Natural Resources 

Unit 2: Climate change 

Unit 3: Volcanoes and earthquakes

Unit 4: Population 

Unit 5: Rivers

Unit 6: Russia 

Geography Curriculum Map

Geography curriculum Map.png

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