Physical Education


Physical Education

At Woolwich Polytechnic School for Girls we want all students to find physical activity enjoyable and for our students to understand its important towards their health and well- being. The year 7 curriculum is designed for students to be able to take part in a range of activities which require a variety of skills. They have the opportunity to learn about team sports, individual sports and performance techniques such as dance. Students have one double PE lesson per week and within this lesson they learn and demonstrate new practical skills, are put in a game like situation and apply theory. Each lesson comprises of mainly practical performance with this leading to a written element showing their understanding of health, fitness and sport.


Year 7 Termly breakdown

Term 1: Football

Term 2: Dance

Term 3: Netball

Term 4: Badminton

Term 5: Athletics (track and field)

Term 6: Striking and fielding

Physical Education Curriculum Map

P.E curriculum Map1.png


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