At Woolwich Poly Girls we aim to give a well-rounded, enjoyable drama education to all our students. 

We aim to show that Drama is not just about performing but also a way to view their ever changing world and to give them a voice and means to change it.

In Ks3 drama we look at Drama through three different lenses.

Year 7 - How can Drama hold a mirror to me?

Year 8 - How can Drama hold a mirror up to society?

Year 9 - How can Drama affect change?

We explore texts, learn about different styles of theatre and performance. We aim to take students out to see high quality live theatre and to have theatre companies come in and perform for and work with our students to develop their skills.

In Ks4 we will be following the EDUQAS syllabus.

Drama Curriculum Map:

drama curriculum map5.png

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