How do I apply for the new girls’ school?

As 2019 will be Woolwich Polytechnic School for Girls’ founding year all admissions will be coordinated by the Royal Borough of Greenwich but will not be included in the PAN London Agreement - a London wide school admissions scheme for established schools, meaning applications to the academy will be processed alongside those made to existing schools in the local authority. This will not affect any application made to Woolwich Polytechnic School for Girls but it will mean that on National offer day parents/ carers may receive two offers of a school for their child, (one for Woolwich Polytechnic school for Girls, and another for an existing school elsewhere). If parents/ carers receive two offers on National Offer Day they will be contacted directly by the local authority to see which offer they would like to accept.

The Royal Borough of Greenwich’s application form can be obtained from http://www.royalgreenwich.gov.uk/admissions

How will the school ensure that the students will be safe and happy in your school?

Our compassionate pastoral team will forge close links between students, tutors and parents/carers to ensure that the girls will succeed academically, socially and personally in a safe and happy environment.

How many students will there be in each Year group?

In the first year we will only recruit Year 7 students. The school has an admission number of 240 for entry in year 7.

What will be the times of the school day?

We are proposing to stagger the times of the day to avoid overcrowding on public transport with the boys’ school.

Where will I be able to buy the school uniform?

Details of this will be advertised on the website. You will be able to purchase the school uniform in plenty of time for the start of term September 2019.

Will there be opportunities for extra curricular activities?

We believe that all students should have access to extra curricular opportunities, such as community projects, sports and performing arts events.

How closely linked will the girls’ school be to the boys’ school?

Woolwich Polytechnic School for Girls will run independently from the boys’ school. Under the Trust of Polymat, the two schools will share the same vision and best practice to ensure the Poly family ethos continues.

What subjects will be included in the curriculum?

We will offer a broad and balanced curriculum that will be flexible and personalised to ensure that every student reaches her potential.

Tel: 020 8059 2800 Email: info@woolwichpolygirls.co.uk
Registered Office: Hutchins Road, London, SE28 8AT
Woolwich Polytechnic School is operated by POLYMAT which is a charitable company limited by guarantee and registered in England and Wales. Reg no. 9078530