Head’s Blog

DSC_0129.JPGI am delighted to welcome you to Woolwich Polytechnic School for Girls. I feel most privileged and honoured to be its first Head Teacher.

The opportunity to create a new school within the Woolwich Poly Family is both exciting and special.

Woolwich Polytechnic Schools for Boys and Girls will work in close partnership and will ensure that students benefit greatly from the collaboration. I am very pleased to be a part of the Woolwich Poly Family and to join its outstanding leadership team. I will be working very closely with both Co-Head Teachers Tim Plumb and Byron Parker: their support and guidance has been invaluable.

The curriculum, ethos and vision of the school will be based upon the successful formula of the boys’ school but tailored to the needs of girls to ensure that they are prepared for the world of work and able to face the challenges ahead of them.

We intend to create a school that will be recognised for providing excellence in education for young women. We will empower our girls to become strong role models and the leaders of tomorrow. Our girls will excel in all subjects, including those traditionally male dominated. We will nurture self-belief and encourage them to aim high and have a passion for life. They will stand tall in adversity with greater strength and resolve, proud to be resilient individuals.

Woolwich Polytechnic School for Girls will be a place where girls’ talents and abilities are nurtured in a happy, safe and creative space, where they can develop their talents, ambitions and the power of self-determination. Our relentless focus on ensuring that your daughter achieves the very best outcomes and our pursuit of excellence are based upon our unshakeable belief that every child is unique and special and has the capacity within them to succeed.

I will work tirelessly with my staff and the governors to provide a school for your child where high- powered learning and achievement is coupled with a commitment to wider personal development. The pastoral care at the school will emulate the outstanding system at the boys’ school and will be driven by experience, alongside new ideas and innovation. We aim to create an ethos of support and encouragement in order to allow our students to succeed both academically and personally. This includes the development of character, leadership and an intelligent, moral and ethical compass. Together, we aspire to develop learners who are confident outstanding human beings, active and articulate participatory citizens and exemplary members of their community.

We are already oversubscribed and will be opening in September 2019 with 240 girls in year 7 and then a further 240 girls will join us each September until all year groups are full. The first new cohorts will be in a privileged and unique position to be the founding year groups in the school. Not only will they receive personalised attention and pastoral care, but they will also be at the forefront of receiving a range of leadership opportunities and high quality innovative teaching. Our new building has exceptional facilities and well-resourced classrooms that motivate and inspire.

By choosing our school and becoming a part of the Woolwich Poly Family, you are giving your daughter the very best opportunity to be happy and successful. Please come and see what makes us so special: we welcome and encourage your involvement.

I very much look forward to meeting and working with you as we begin this exciting journey together to create a truly fantastic school.

Subreena Kazmi
Head Teacher

Tel: 020 8059 2800 Email: info@woolwichpolygirls.co.uk
Registered Office: Hutchins Road, London, SE28 8AT
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