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Dear all,

We have had many queries and wanted to send something out to clarify what students should be doing whilst at home.


Students at WPSfG do not currently need to access any work online.  They have been given 2 weeks worth of tasks on an independent activity sheet with an orange exercise book to complete them in.  Following this, they should then spend 2 weeks working through the 'Pre-reading booklet' that most students were given (if the student was absent this was posted).  This gives students 4 weeks worth of paper based work to be getting on with.  Within the next week or so we will be posting another booklet for students to work on from home.  In this booklet will be 6 weeks worth of work.


As I'm sure you understand, we do not know how long schools will be closed for but this does mean that students will have 10 weeks of paper-based work to be getting on with.  If we remain closed longer than that we will be in touch and at this point may need to move to electronic/online work, but we will be in touch and can address any issues with that when we get closer to this time.


We are very impressed by the work ethic being shown by our students and remain contactable by phone and email should you need any support.


Kind regards,

The WPSfG team.

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