In Maths, English and Science students will complete class quizzes every week (subjects in blue on student’s timetable).
Subjects in yellow will quiz students during week A and subjects in green during week B.
You will find a detailed explanation here.

Practice book homework:

Students are expected to produce a minimum of one, neat A4 page (without gaps) of self-quizzing notes from their knowledge organiser in their dark green book every week (even if they do not have class quiz that week).
You will find the video explaining the self-quizzing concept here: https://binged.it/32RK5sl

Hegarty Maths online homework:

Students will also be set weekly practice homework on https://hegartymaths.com/ website. Their maths teacher will give students their login details.
Deadline: every Tuesday by 8:40am.

Hegarty Maths student/parent starter guide (click here)

Do great homework with this student checklist (click here)

Parents and carers checklist - sets out some ideas for supporting your child's learning (click here)


Reading homework:

Students are expected to spend daily 30 minutes reading good quality texts, articles and books. Their English teacher/ form tutor will be able to help students with choosing the right texts.
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