The curriculum offered at WPSFG is fundamental to our vision of the kind of young person we wish to leave us.  Our curriculum operates at three levels and provides our students with the very best academic, personal and social development.

The education we provide enables students to be empowered through knowledge and develop into strong role models and the leaders of tomorrow. . 

While the curriculum predominantly comprises the taught curriculum that takes place within lessons, it also encompasses the enrichment offer.

What we offer

We believe that educational excellence can only be guaranteed when what is studied is tailored to each individual student. We follow a spiral curriculum over 5 years that prepares students well for GCSEs.

At WPSFG we offer a broad and balanced academic curriculum that we believe will lead students towards high achievement in GCSE’s and a range of A Levels, ensuring a pathway to university, including Russell Group institutions and Oxbridge. Our aim is that all our young people are able to achieve their full potential personally, academically and socially..

We will support our most able students with a Grammar School Intake (GSI), a curriculum tailored to meet the needs of the more able students based on a grammar school approach, by extending top-end achievement.

Consistency of Teaching and Learning

In order to ensure that teaching and learning is outstanding in the girls’ school, we would work closely across both Poly schools, completing a single programme throughout each academic year, which spans both schools and includes:

  • learning walks;
  • formal observations;
  • peer observations;
  • joint CPD and planning;
  • student voice;
  • team teaching;
  • learning and teaching meetings.
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Registered Office: Hutchins Road, London, SE28 8AT
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