The English Department at Woolwich Polytechnic school for Girls’ seeks to create eloquent and erudite young women and future leaders. We want all of our girls to be exceptional communicators; confident in their spoken and written skills but also sensitive and perceptive in their listening and reading capabilities. At its core, this English department aspires to ensure that every Woolwich Poly Girl finds her voice.

Our girls will begin with the origins of English language and literature, charting the development of the discipline and looking at how it has shaped modern culture and society as we know it. We do this by using ‘big questions’ to frame each unit of work. There are currently four English lessons per week with an additional reading lesson for all the girls. We also run additional, after-school intervention and support for those girls who are at risk of underperforming to ensure that all students can be the best they can be in English.

Year 7 English:

Term 1: Why is storytelling important?

  • Greek and Latin myths
  • Epic poetry
  • Medieval legends
  • Narrative writing


Term 2: Are young people capable of making important decisions?

  • Romeo and Juliet
  • Writing to argue
  • Writing to persuade


Term 3: What makes writing beautiful?

  • Love and relationships poetry
  • Descriptive writing


English Curriculum Map

Curriculum Map 1.png


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