School uniform will make an important contribution to the ethos and code of conduct of the school.

All students will be expected to wear the school’s uniform and to possess the necessary kit for physical education. Students should take pride in their appearance and respect the school’s uniform at all times including the journey to and from school. All clothing must be smart, clean and tidy, skirts must be below the knee.

Students in skirts that come above the knee may be sent home. We recommend either wearing a pair of appropriate trousers (not tight fitting, denim or leggings) or ordering an adult size (not children’s) from the Lister’s site (https://www.listers-schoolwear.co.uk/products/girls-ladies-school-boxpleated-elasticated-skirt-formal-ages-2-18-adult-sizes-8-colours

Caps, hats, trainers and hooded jackets are not permitted. If your daughter is found wearing these items, they will be confiscated and she may be sent home.

Girls are not permitted to wear jewellery in school for health and safety reasons. The only permissible pieces of jewellery are a watch or a medical wristband.

We have had enquiries regarding the price of the school uniform. Although these may be subject to small changes, please find the expected prices attached.


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